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Odin Energy technology overview

ODIN ENERGY video presentation. Odin developed an innovative wind power system that takes advantage of Bernoulli effect to augment wind power.

Odin Tower field test videos

Odin Energy tested and validated our technology for years in the field with life-sized prototypes.

Prototype testing site in Jeju, Korea (2011~2017)

From 2011 to 2017, Odin Energy built and experimented with Odin Tower in Jeju Island, Korea. In 2015 Odin’s technology was validated by Korea Testing & Research Institute, and in 2017 by Jeju Energy Corporation.

Next to the Odin tower, we also set up the same wind turbine without Odin structures which is essentially a regular vertical-axis small wind system, to see various performance differences.

It was proven that Odin can generate substantially more electricity with same-capacity regular small wind turbines. Also proven was that Odin made much smaller noise.

Odin system utilizing turbulent winds

Winds in the natural state are often turbulent, which means they blow in inconsistent directions. Traditional wind turbines cannot utilize turbulent winds effectively, as the winds hit the blades in various directions.

But Odin System does. Guide walls around the turbine turn turbulent winds into laminar winds, when they enter the Odin System. Odin System draws more energy from the same winds.

Augmentation of wind energy through Bernoulli effect

Odin System augments wind energy utilizing the Bernoulli effect. This video compares the electricity output of Odin system vs. small wind turbine.

In the same period Odin System generated 62% more electricity, which Jeju Energy Corporation validated. The lifetime difference you see on the video is less than 20%, because Odin System was stopped occasionally to conduct various experiments.

This is not all of the power augmentation effect that Odin has. A 12-story Odin tower can generate 4 times as much electricity than 12 regular small wind turbines with the same capacity that are set on the land. The main reason is that the wind becomes stronger at a higher altitude.

The monitoring system used on this video updated every 1.5 minutes. That’s why the power number is not changing. You can see changing numbers on another video, titled “Power generation at slow and fast winds” below.

Odin Tower working at slow wind

Odin Tower takes advantage of the Bernoulli effect, so that the wind becomes faster entering the tower.

In this video, you can see that Odin Tower is generating power at the wind speed of 1-2 meters per second, while the regular small wind turbine is not.

Power generation at slow and fast winds

Odin system generates power with both slower and faster winds than regular small wind turbines can.

Here you can see the level of power generated changing in real time, with low and high speed winds.